About Us

Mommy’s Little Miracle – Celebrate Your Family

It used to be that shopping for kids’ merchandise was easy. Parents would finish work in the afternoon and drive to the mall. Either that or parents would hit their local children’s store for apparel and or gear on the weekend, as part of a family outing. Sadly, times have changed for the busier. Everything is more hectic in 2018, and many families already deserve an Oscar for parental time management.

Stylish Kids Outfits, Baby gear & Everyday Living Made Simple

At Mommy’s Little Miracle, we know that parents struggle to find time to hit local baby stores. Much more importantly, if you’re like us you don’t want to waste time shopping. You want to spend every free moment watching your baby growing, learning, and falling in love with the world.

Enter Mommy’s, Little Miracle

Founded by people who care, Mommy’s Little Miracle helps you make the most out of family time, by bringing the best baby and children’s apparel and gear right to your own doorstep.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Kids & Baby Fashion

By bringing high-quality baby gear, fashion items, and children’s apparel to our online marketplace, we make it easier than ever to free up the weekends for real family adventures. From adorable baby clothes to high-fashion kids outfits, we help dress young children smarter and more cost-effectively than ever. Meanwhile, in our exclusive ‘For Mommies’ section, we stock trending adult female fashion items. – This means that you can shop for (almost) the whole family in just a few clicks. Mommy’s Little Miracle brings you a wide selection of new, pre-owned or handmade items for you to choose from.

Nurture & Create Your World

Family time matters. The more free time you have to care for and nurture the most precious people in your world, the brighter your family’s future. Our mission, therefore, is to help you spend less time stuck in rush hour traffic and more time making memories. Shop now for the latest boy, girl, baby, and adult fashion, accessories and gear. Much more importantly, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-date news on all our latest products and promotions. DM us your photos for a chance to be featured on our page and receive discounts on your first purchase of select items when the store is open!!!